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Courage to Love was inspired by the work of the Commission on Infant Mortality’s report on infant mortality entitled, The Courage to Love.  


Collaborative Partners

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About Us

The Courage to Love Collaborative (C2L) is a network of organizations committed to helping pregnant people and babies in the Auburn Gresham community thrive. We have been working together since 2013 to identify and amplify protective social factors to reduce infant and maternal mortality for African Americans.


Infant mortality is a personal tragedy that both affects and reflects health in communities. It is also characterized by profound racial disparities that place African American mothers and infants at high risk. These patterns strongly indicate that social factors that disadvantage African American parents and infants play a meaningful role in infant mortality.


Recently, the C2L collaborative has focused on the impact that trauma has on infant mortality rates. With the support of the city of Chicago, the C2L collaborative has developed learning cohorts to equip community residents and organizational partners to become trauma-informed and healing centered.  As these practices become part of the culture of the organizations that serve families, we can grow trauma-informed healing communities where moms and babies can thrive.

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