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Oasis Circle

Connect with your neighbors to strengthen the community and create healing spaces where families and babies can thrive.

The Oasis Learning Circle (OLC) helps us build our relationships and connections by seeing what is good in our community.

The OLC encourages people to see the beauty, wisdom, and strength that already exist in the community, thereby building upon it to create a loving community where our families and babies can thrive.

Mom Mentor Network

One of OLC's current initiatives is the Mom Mentor Network. Mom Mentors work with new and/or pregnant mothers in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. As a Mom Mentor, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to give back to your community

  • Co-create a meaningful support system in your neighborhood

  • Be able to truly make a difference and culturally shift the life of a new mom

  • Receive an inspiring 3-day mentor training retreat in Chicago

Want to get involved or get more information? Contact us at

How Oasis Learning Circles Work



TEAM of 4-5 people and join the Oasis Learning Circle together. Any combination of people (i.e., neighbors, family, friends) that work well together can be a TEAM.


Each TEAM will attend 12 sessions throughout the next year to create a project that expands love and support for babies and their parents in the neighborhood.


Your ideas will be combined into a larger project that we will seek funding to put into action.

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